Family: Where life begins and love never ends

November 06, 2015  •  4 Comments

Saturday's shoot at Marine Park in South Shields was a special one.  As Wedding Anniversary presents go this was a lovely gift from daughter Lauren, and was about capturing the love between this family and creating memories to be treasured forever. 

The day was a little dull but the autumn yellows shone through, and Terry, Alyson, Lauren and Adam got into the spirit of the shoot bringing their personalities to life and having a good laugh along the way.  A lovely family and a pleasure to capture there time together.......


Happy Anniversary Terry and Alyson


Every girl knows no-one can make you laugh more that your Daddy...even when you are all grown up!!!


But it doesn't matter how old we are our Mam and Dad will always be our real best friends, there for us no matter what. 



And being brother and sister simply means being there for each other.


Family....where life begins and love never ends.



Beautiful pictures of a devoted family captured by a wonderful photographer
Faye Collins Photography
Thank you both for the lovely comments. A special shoot for a special family x
These are priceless. Xx absolutely fabulous
Faye, you have perfectly captured the love and laughter that this family, which are close to my heart, share xx
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